Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Great Grandma's Shawl...

Grandma Madeline's Shawl....this is one of the few things that I was blessed with after my Grandma passed away inJune. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take Sophia's picture with it...finally today I got that chance. As you may or may not know Sophia's name was almost Madeline. Even way before Jared and I got married I had hoped to have a little girl named Madeline some day...not only do I think it's a beautiful name but it has great meaning to me being my Grandmother's name. Going to the hospital on the day Sophia was my mind if this baby was a girl her name would be Madeline Elise (but keep in mind for 9 months I had been 99.9% sure I was having a boy) Then after she was born and I was able to spend sometime starring at this beautiful creature I had just given birth to I realized...she didn't look like a Madeline. I was sad because I wanted to use that name so badly but Jared and I went with our gut...and truly pulled Sophia out of thin air!! Sophia's middle name is Madeline...and I think that is a very fitting tribute to my incredible grandmother. In my life there is only one Madeline...and she was a one of a kind Woman and Grandmother whom I miss each and everyday. I know Grandma was smiling down on us today....and loving the sweet little soul that was wearing her shawl!!

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