Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A GIANT step....

The kids and I had our first outing with our new QUAD stroller...and I might add my first outing with ALL 4 of my kiddos without Jared. Aunt Tara is in town so the two of us loaded up our 6 children and went to Crown Center to an UNDERWATER EXHIBIT. It was really fun...but the journey did not go off without a few little bumps. 1st...I finally find a parking space near the doors...only to find out after I put the stroller together and loaded all 4 kids that we were on a level with NO ELEVATOR...WTH!!:( But a nice man helped me carry the stroller down the stairs (with all 4 kids still in it) Then our 2nd bump...was we made it to the entrance of the exhibit only to learn NO STROLLERS allowed. Thank God I have really great kids who mind and don't run off...we unloaded the triplets...everyone grabbed a hand I held the baby and we were off. There were so many fun little things for the kids to play on it really worked out beautifully for them to run around!! After our *play time* We headed to Fritz's for is the cutest little resturant where your meal is delivered by train...the kids LOVED the trains!!

It was such a fun day...and I feel like I really accomplished something....we went in public, Had fun, and nobody got lost!! :) I'm ready to go out again...the zoo maybe next time!! So I have to tell you a little bit about out 1st trip with the quad stoller. When I used to go out with the triplet stroller I got lots of "Oh my God, are those triplets?!?" With the quad stoller I got lots of "Oh my God, that is the coolest stroller!!" All in all I received less comments with the quad then the triplet....I think it took people longer to figure out what they were looking at....were they all my kids? Were the front two twins? etc, etc. By the time they figured it out I was long gone!! But I have to say my favorite comment was..."Are they two sets of twins?? Your guess is as good as mine who Sophia's twin is?!?!

Thank you to Tara, Clara and Grace for a wonderful adventure..can't wait to do it again!!!

PS..I have a couple snaps to share...they are horrible...just imagine me holding a 4 month old...trying to keep an eye on three toddlers...with a camera around my neck...trying to take pictures!! I'm sure I looked a little crazy!! :)


Anonymous said...

I am VERY impressed! It is a task for me to go anywhere with just two kids...I can't imagine four. It takes me a few hours to even get out of the house in the mornings. Please tell me how you do it. :)
Emily Adler

Melissa Mullinax said...

"....Thank God I have really great kids who mind and don't run off..."

LOL, now Jen...are we talking about the same kiddos here?? I've seen those three in action!! ;)



Whitney said...

You are very brave! Somedays I think I am crazy for taking my trio out by myself. I can't imagine having a 4th! Sounds like a great day!


McTriplet Mommy said...


The boys *love* Fritz's!

nailgirl24 said...

Hi, I was wondring where I can find your earlier entries before may of 2005?? Btw, your family is beautiful.