Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Fun....

We enjoyed such a wonderful Valentine's Day!! The kids are ALL *finally* feeling better and acting like the sweet angels I remember!! We had arts and crafts time and made a couple for Nana and Papa (that we forgot to give them..mommy's fault)...and one for Papa and Grandma that we will deliver when we see them this weekend!! After lunch the kiddos all enjoyed yummy Heart Brownies with red you will see in the pictures, Isabelle enjoyed hers the most. She has taken on the name Class clown recently...she is a crack up!! The expressions that she gives sometimes make me want to crawl in that little head of hers and see what she's *really* thinking!!! Valentine's Day night..Nana and Papa came over with a little gift for the kiddos and yummy buttermilk cookies. And each of the kiddos got cute little stuffed animal from Daddy....they've been carrying them around ever since!! Mommy got the kiddos a fun Elmo doctor kit...Elmo is TOP DOG in our house right now so it was a BIG hit!!! I have more pictures to share of Miss Sophia...but you'll have to wait a bit longer..and also a couple pictures of our playdate yeaterday with the Stout Triplets!! Happy Friday to ALL!! ~Jen

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