Sunday, January 21, 2007


I just couldn't leave Miss Sophia out today...gotta give equal time to everyone!! LOL This is Sophia's *snow* picture...not that you can tell but all that white behind her...yep that's snow right outside the window. I saw this cute idea with a baby in a basket in front of a window and out in the snow you could see the baby's name written in the snow...well I couldn't pull that off...I can no clean snow by any window or instead this is what I got!!

Today was a sad day for me...I enjoyed my last day of nursing my sweet baby. I had hoped to continue much longer than now but nursing an infant while you have three toddlers running around has proven much more difficult than I had anticipated. It's sad on many levels for me. I *LOVE*'s an amazing bond only I can share with my child from a mere 20 minutes old Sophia and I were connected. But in the bigger picture I'm sad because I believe Sophia will be our last baby...never again will I have the opportunity to share in the experience. But on the positive side of will be much easier bottle feeding....I will be much more mobile to run after our crazy monkeys, anyone can feed her...and best of all if she decides to get up in the middle of the night (on the weekends)...Jared can get up with her!! :) I had Jared snap a picture of me nursing Sophia for the last time....a moment I wanted to be sure to remember!!


Melissa Mullinax said... 'bout made ME cry. :(
I'm sorry you have to stop something that I know you love dearly. But you did great with it for almost 3 months! That's something to be very proud of. And everyone else will enjoy getting to bond with her that much more. :) And the little ones will enjoy having more time with you too.


McTriplet Mommy said...

So sweet. I never got to breastfeed the boys (they would have none of that - too stubborn!) but I will tell you that I cried like a little baby the day I "chose" to stop pumping. It was just too much with all of those babies at home. And mine weren't even mobile yet!!

I'm glad Jared took a pic. :)

Take care!