Thursday, December 14, 2006

18 Months...

How on earth are my babies 18 months old already?!?! It's amazing to me how quick they grow..and a little sad as well!! It seems like just yesterday I was holding tiny babies and now I am constantly chasing them all over the house!! :) For anyone whom has ever known me you know I 'm a baby person...I love me a sweet little baby (lucky for me I still have one of those!! hee hee) but I have to admit the older the kids get the more and more fun they become. They are now talking non stop and I'm starting to understand more and more of what is coming out of their mouths. They know many of their animal sounds with their favorite being Doggie-woof, woof. They also can show you where most body parts your eyes..they like to poke!! Each of them make me laugh on a daily basis with their sweet personalities...and more than anything they AMAZE me with each breath they take!!!

Grace is our little mother...liking to take charge of every situation...but she is also our tender heart getting her feelings hurt when she is told "no" or doesn't get her way. She has a new laugh that is the funniest thing I've ever heard...silly and evil all tied into one!! Grace has lots of words including: Buba, Sissy, Baby, Shoe, Ellie (her beloved Elephant), Cookie (A crowd favorite), Binky, Mama, Dadda, Papa, Nana, Bye-Bye, Thank you, more, up, Milk, Juice, tickle, Doggie, Cow, Duckie, Kitty ..and her new favorite word much to my dismay..booby!! LOL
At our 18 month check up today Gracie weighed in at 23lbs 3.8oz(33%) and was 32.75 inches tall (79%).

Isabelle is our funny girl...doing anything to get a laugh!! :) She is her brothers keeper always concerned about where her bubba is!! Isabelle is beyond awnry always pushing to see what she can get away with!! She is our talker repeating many things that we say...we've been working on names the last week and she is doing GREAT...she can now say Grace, Sam, Dillon, Brian, Amy & Brad. We're working on many others...but haven't perfected them just yet!!:) She also says lots of other words. Book, Shoe, Sock,Binky, cookie, cracker, juice, milk, bath, hair, nose, ears, mouth, tickle, more, thank you, teeth (We LOVE to bruch our teeth), doggie, Bogey (Our doggie's name), cow, kitty, duckie..and many more.... Just today Isabelle has started giving big bear hugs...such a sweetie!!
At the doctor today Isabelle weighed in at 21lbs 14.3oz (15%) and was 33.25 inches tall (88%)

Samuel is still my sweetie boy...he is so full of love always giving hugs and kisses!! :) He is also the class clown with this belly laugh that melts me each time I hear it. Our latest game that makes him chuckle...peek-a-boo around the Island in the kitchen...I can get him laughing so hard...I Love it!! Samuel led the pack but the girls have followed suit becoming dare devils...climbing on ALL our furniture and jumping, diving, being crazy little monkeys. I cross my fingers each day and say a little prayer that nobody will get hurt!! :) Samuel is talking great also...he babbles non stop...his favorite word...cookie...he cracked me up today. After his nap he came down and asked for a cookie...saying cookie as well as signing it. He asked for it...I said no...he leaned in and gave me a kiss and then asked again...again I said no...again I received a kiss...he did this for several minutes...until we settled on cherrios....already learning how to work mom at such a young age!!!
At the doctor today Samuel was 23lbs 19.4oz (23%) and was 33.75 inches tall (86%) . Do you see a pattern here...we have TALL, SKINNY kiddos!! :)

Little Sophia is doing great as well...getting big so quickly, she will be 6 weeks old tomorrow!!! Yesterday morning I got my first *real* smiles out of my sweet baby girl!! We are really starting to get the hang of this life with a baby again...and I for one am loving it!!!:)

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Wild! My son is one week oler than your triplets!
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