Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Three Daughters...

I keep having to repeat that to myself…I have THREE daughters…WOW!! :) The last week has been amazing…I apologize to all our faithful followers for not updating before now. Sophia’s Birthday went perfectly as planned…we arrived at the hospital at 7am and she entered our world and our hearts at 9:20….with the most beautiful cry I’ve heard…well atleast in the last 16 months!! :) Her delivery went very quickly and I was so anxious once I heard her first cries and kept asking “what did we have”….which the Dr kept answering…a Baby….you had a baby. Then the doctor asked Jared to go over and see “what we had”…Jared is the one that told me we had a sweet baby girl…a moment I won’t ever forget!!! Jared and I were joined in the delivery room by my best friend Tara…she was our photographer…..sometime soon I hope to share a slideshow of Sophia’s birth as we did with the triplets…but for now I’m having a hard time putting Sophia down long enough to get on the computer!! Sophia weighed in at a perfect 7lbs 9 oz and was 20 inches long.

Our entire Sophia experience has been quite a different journey…a very sweet one. With the triplets I was only able to see them a few seconds before they were whisked off to the NICU…with Sophia she has rarely left my side in her 5 days. The normalcy of the entire birth and since has been something that I have treasured…I immediately felt like her mother…I didn’t have nurses watching my every step making sure things were as they should be…we were trusted with her care from moment one which is a wonderful feeling!!

Sophia is just PERFECT and has already run away with our hearts. She definitely resembles the other three kiddos but has a look all her own at the same time. In many of the pictures her hair does appear red….but I assure you it is not (not yet anyway) just a beautiful golden brown…much like Isabelle’s was at birth. She has the longest most beautiful fingers…perfect for diamonds some day I’ve told her!!

Grace, Isabelle and Samuel were able to visit Sophia in the hospital on Sunday…where they had little interest in her…to much else to get into. Then on Monday once were were home they were *very* interested in her and every sound she made. They showered her with lots of hugs and kisses. After spending a couple hours with Sophia and mommy the tribe left with Grandma ‘Donna and Papa for a week on the “farm.” We decided that was best to allow me time to recover as well as bond with Sophia. Oh but it was soooo hard to see them go and I miss them just terrible…I’m fighting the urge to call Grandma and ask her to bring them home already. But it makes me sit easy knowing they are getting lots of extra love and attention this week!!!

I will have more official newborn pictures to share in a few days…and will keep you all updates as Miss Sophia grows.

Much love to you all,
Jared, Jen, Grace, Isabelle, Samuel and Sophia (WOW that’s a mouth full!!:)

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