Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Samuel's 1st Day...

Samuel had his FIRST day of school yesterday!! He was such a big boy and fit in just perfectly!!! I on the other hand was a little sad to leave empty felt very strange!!! Besides not taking much of a nap his first day went great...his teachers said he was the last one to sleep and first one to wake up and during play time he could not move fast enough from toy to toy. He is much like his daddy in that way...never wants to miss a thing!!! :)

So what did I do with 5 HOURS to myself....well I did a little baby shopping. There were just a few things I wanted to pick up for Baby M...coming home outfit, I was able to get that done. Then I came home and worked....exciting huh!! But I'm just about ready to finish with all my photography business and am looking forward to having a few months off to spend with my family!!! Then I headed to town a little early and had lunch with my sweet mom!!

It was fun to go pick the kiddos up...they were all in such GREAT moods...especially Samuel. All the way home he kept laughing for no I would say he really enjoyed his first day of school!!

Now we are looking forward to daddy coming home tomorrow...he is been away on business since early, early Sunday morning....but he is expected back late tomorrow night...and I for one can't wait to see him!!!

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