Friday, October 06, 2006


First off I want to wish a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Grandpa Charlie. His Birthday was yesterday and he got to celebrate it in style in sunny Hawaii... I'm so jealous!! :)

And for my second Charlie story.....did you know it was possible to get a "Charlie" Horse in your uterus while pregnant?!?! I had no idea but yesterday I learned all about it....and boy did it hurt. I actually thought we were going to have a baby yesterday was a pain I had never felt. Luckily I have some great friends in Amy and Michaela who rushed to our house to watch the kiddos while Jared took me to the Doctor. What we learned at the doctor...well that our baby is perfect!! :) They did a non stress test to see the babies heart rate and to see if I was having contractions. The baby did great and NO contractions!! Then they went ahead and did another sonogram to check the placenta, fluid level, cord flow and to check my kidneys to make sure I hadn't developed kidney stones. Everything was the final conclusion was that it was a "Charlie" Horse. They sent us home and hold me to rest and put my feet up....and for anyone whos knows me you know that is impossible...I can't sit still for too long but I tried my best!!! During the sonogram the baby gave us a nice wave and a view of what they are still calling, lots and lots of hair!! This is the second sono tech that has told us the baby has lots of hair...but I'm going to have to see it to believe it. It was a day...but we made it thru and are continuing to count the days until delivery....28 from today!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend...we are going to attempt to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow...I should have lots of fun pictures to share!!



Anonymous said...

OMG.. I didn't know you could get a "Charlie" horse? I'm guessing you didn't go to the dinner? :(

If you did, hope it was fun!!!

Have a great weekend.. Can't wait to see Pumpkin Patch Pictures!

Jessica said...

Crikey...That sounds AWFUL. Glad you had help to get you through the day, it sounds like it was a doozy!!
28 days and holding!! I cannot wait!

Melissa Mullinax said...

Good lord, woman!! That sounds terrible! I was actually hoping that when I read the title "Charlie" that you'd either had the baby or found out the sex!! LOL!! Still hangin' in there though. Hurry up 28 days! (or less maybe!!) :-)

Pumpkin Patch is next weekend for us...we were going to go today, but I've just got too many things going on. Can't wait to see pics! Give The Three a squeeze. :-)