Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tickle, Tickle, Tickle...

***FINALLY Pictures....see below!!:)

I was looking back over previous posts and realized it's been awhile since I've given a really *good* update. The kids are growing like weeds and with each passing day they are getting more and more fun!!! Their vocabulary is getting larger, they awnryness becoming more apparent..most days I just sit in awe of them!!

You may be questioning my title name...well tickle, tickle, tickle is Grace's new favorite thing to's sooo adorable to hear...she uses her sweetest voice and is usually trying to tickle her brother of sister as she says it!! She has really become the mother hen of the group...whether it be tickling them when they are upset or giving kisses when someone falls...Grace is the first one on the scene. It is sometimes ironic...because many times she is also the cause of the tears!! :) Gracie has also become the best mommy's up and bringing me things I need...especially diapers when I ask!! She is such a sweet, sweet little girl!! Her hair has really been growing (except those darn bangs) I've been able to get it into a top knot pony a couple of times...and man is her hair curly...keeping my fingers crossed that the curls stay around!! Grace and Isabelle have both benn doing SOOOO good with their sign language. They sign food, milk, all done and cookie the best!!! Grace's favorite sign....Cookie!!:)

Isabelle has become our talker....she says sooo many things...and most are pretty clear atleast to mom and dad....among the things we hear most are, Milk, Buba, Hello, Good Girl, Here you go, Thank you, Doggie, Woof Woof, and of course Mama and Dada!! She is such a funny little girl...doing anything to get you to laugh!! She has just started to really like my camera...and will smile...for a minute when I get it out...unfortunately it's usually as she running directly at me...but we're getting there!! Belle has also become quite the daddy's girl....always running to Jared when he gets home offering lots of hugs and kisses!! She is also quite fond of her brother....if she happens to wake up before him in the morning or at nap time....she yells for him until he gets up...and when I bring him down the steps she is always right there waiting for him waving and saying Hello Buba. When Sam and I picked the girls up from Mother's Day out on Tuesday....Grace came running for mommy but Isabelle went running for Buba....and gave him a was sooo sweet!!!

Samuel....what are we going to do with Samuel?!?! It's been 2 weeks since his "first steps" but walking nay he's not interested. He will take 6-8 steps in between Jared and I *sometimes* but he has no interest in giving up crawling and walking full time. I truly believe it's a battle fo the will's now...he CAN walk he just doesn't want to!! He has also become my climber....he can no get over our blockade and get into the kitchen, he can climb up on the fireplace, couch you name it and he can conquer it!! But he's favorite climbing mommy...he is always climbing on me...which is getting more and more difficult for me to handle the bigger Baby M is growing!!! Samuel is also talking quite a bit...he's a little harder to understand then the girls sometimes....his favorite word right now...Woof, Woof. Everyday when I get him out of bed...he says woof, woof and looks around trying to find Bogey. He also likes to stand at the window Woof, woofing!!

Everyone talks about the bond of multiples...and we are seeing more and more of this bond each day. It's amazing to watch the kiddos together...making each other laugh and playing so good together (most of the time) How lucky are they to grow up with each friends, constant playmates and siblings!?!?!


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