Friday, September 15, 2006

100 Years ago TODAY!!!

Today is THE DAY! My Great Grandpa Mac turns 100 YEARS OLD!!!! We made the trip to Des Moines last Saturday to celebrate this amazing man and the incredible life he has led. What a day to remember!!! Besides just the normal festivities Grandpa got a visit and special Birthday wish from the Mayor of Des Moines, He went on his annual Motorcycle ride and he was toasted my many friends and family as we all enjoyed stories about Grandpa!! I've only edited a few pictures so check back as I hope to have more pictures to share soon!!!

~All the Great Grand Children~

Kisses for Grandpa....

In other Birthday celebrations today.....our nephews Zachary & Ian turn 7!!!:) How is that possible.....seems like yesterday they were just little ones!!! Sending lots of love and birthday wishes to you boys...we wish we could be at your party tomorrow...but can't wait to see all the great pictures your mom takes!!:) And last but not least... Happy Birthday to Uncle Pat. This next year is sure to be one to remember for Uncle Pat as he prepares to become daddy to twins in 2007!! Hope you have a great day...and a wonderful weekend in Vegas!! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!!!


Jenelle said...

I have been waiting ALL WEEK to see some pic's. I knew you would have some. What a great celebrations for everyone in your family. Can you imagine living that long? Not me - no way, your Dad has tormented too many years out of my life. I am checking daily for more pics! LY jenelle

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday to your Great Grandpa.. I love the motorcycle ride!!!

I sent a card, he's probably wondering who the heck we are..I hope he got 100 cards, I know he got 100 best wishes!!

Jennifer M. said...

Thank you to EVERYONE who sent cards....I haven't heard the final card count...but I know it's over 200!!!:) Grandpa was sooo EXCITED!!