Wednesday, August 23, 2006


After Dillon's photo session on Monday we thought we'd *try* and get a group picture of all the smiles...but they were all looking!!:) ...when there were 5....our next group picture will include our new bundle..hard to believe between my brother and I we will have 6 KIDS!!!:)

...and one of my kiddos

...OK now for a few teasers for Brian and Brooke!!:)



S~ said...

ok.. let me in on the secret.. how do you get them to sit still to take a picture.. I've been trying for weeks unsuccessfully.... what do you do to get them to look at the camera & sit??????????

Jennifer M. said...

..pure luck Stef...and 4 crazy adults behind me yelling names and pounding on a drum!!!:) These group pics were just slightly before bedtime so I think exhaustion was in our favor as well!!!