Sunday, August 27, 2006

100 Years young...

On September 15th, 2006 my Great Grandpa Mac will turn 100 years old!! We are looking forward to a BIG family party to celebrate this wonderful day. I'm posting his invitation including his address and am requesting that anyone whom has a minute and an extra card...please send Grandpa a Birthday card. He himself mentioned how neat it would be if he got 100 Birthday card!!!
Grandpa Mac is the neatest man you could ever meet...he is still living in his house and is in good health considering his age. He is such a delight to sit and chat with...his memory still amazed me each time I visit. As you can see by his hat in the picture Grandpa is a HUGE Atlanta Braves Baseball fan...he watches each game and keeps the players stats in a little notebook. One of the my greatest memories as a child was visiting Grandpa Mac and getting to see his trains....he has the largest train *town* in his basement and he would always but on is railroad hat and race them around the town for us!!!
It has been a joy for me to introduce my children to him on several occassions....he adores the babies!!! One of my most favorite recent moments happened at his 99 Birthday last year as he met Grace for the 1st time. He looked and me with tears in his eyes and asked if her name was Grace after "mother" when I replied yes, he said.."she even has red hair just like mother." To see how much it meant to him to have a great, great grand-daughter named after his mother still brings tears to my eyes....and it's a story I can't wait to share with Grace when she gets older!!!
Thanks for letting me share...and thank you in advance for all of you whom send him cards!!! ~Jen


S~ said...

This invitation is GREAT!! I'm sending a card!! WOW.. 100 years and he looks great!!

Jess said...

ok you just got me all teary... I'll be sending a card. I've never been able to buy a card for a 100 yr old!!

Jennifer M. said...

Thanks are the BEST!!!