Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sam & His Zebra

Samuel's most favorite thing in the world right now is this Zebra...handed down to us from cousins Blake & Julia. Sam can be found riding it back and forth thru our front rooms 90% of the time he is awake. It's a riot...yesterday after he got up from his nap he went over to check out his Zebra before he could even say hello to Nana. The girls have started wondering what is so special about this little toy...but Sam is not about to let them close enough to find out...whenever they come near he screams and if they should come within arm's length he pushes them away. ...so if you are a visitor at our house...beware of this little boy and his Zebra!! :)

Can't leave the girls out of this post...here are my little angels hamming it up for the camera....

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