Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Grace Cathryn

The good, the bad and the horrible...that is what describes the photo sessions with my kiddos. Grace did not want mommy to put her down yesterday....she screamed almost each time I did. I got a couple pictures of her but nothing I am nearly pleased with. Poor Grace when she cries her sweet little face gets all red and after a few crying outbursts...we were done!!! Better luck next time I guess!!!

It's frustrating to me a mother I want perfect images of my children...and as a photographer I know I can achieve those images with other people's kiddos so surely I can get them of my own sweet kiddos....but the combo that isin't working right now....trying to be mom and the photographer. I think Jared and I may try to take them out together...and I will let Jared be behind the camera and see what happens. It's a good thing they will 1 for a year...It may take that long to get the images I want!! hee hee

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!!

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Melissa Mullinax said...

Aw, I ever know how you feel. And it's always when you WANT to go out and get perfect shots that you don't get anything. I think the kids *know* when we are begging them to act perfectly.....and then they never do. :) Never fails. lol

I think you have a great attitude about it though. Nobody will care that their one year pictures weren't taken EXACTLY at one year. It will come.

And I think that first image is sweet anyway....look at that little pout. :) Besides....that was *her* on that particular day. And whether or not you think it was a perfect really kinda was. KWIM?

Good luck!