Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Chairs.....

Our new favorite things...rocking chairs. I bought these chairs and am planning on painting them for the kiddos...but for now they are enjoying them as is!!!

***Jared and I had a WONDERFUL time at the Soul2Soul Concert....besides hearing some great tunes it was great to have an evening with just my husband.....something that doesn't seem to happen to often anymore...which makes our time together that much more sweet!!! I was a little bummed when we found our seats because we were ALOT closer than I thought we would be and I could have got some really great pictures....but I had no camera!! :( The baby enjoyed the concert as well I felt very little movement while Faith was singing but as soon as Tim came out....oh Lord...this kid was doing flips...hmmm makes me think maybe it is a girl!! :)

***And we would like to send a HUGE congratulations out to our Friends the Redden's...they welcomed two new babies into their family yesterday....Noelle Amelia and Lilley Brooke...join big brothers Jack, Will & Evan. Jon & Jess's story is such an amazing one...they have been blessed with Three boys and now Two girls in a mere 13 1/2 month. Talk about a busy household....but is anyone can handle the stresses and the joys it's these two. Sending lots of Love to you all!!!!

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S~ said...

Cute pictures!! We got a rocking chair this week too..

Glad the concert was so much fun! I bet it was a hot one though!

Talk to you soon!