Monday, June 26, 2006

Samuel George

"Some people quietly make a difference in our lives, and will always be HEROS unaware." ~Flavia

My Son, my Hero...I was able to sneak Samuel out for some portraits tonight...we will call it round one...I didn't get that "it" image I was after...he had no smiles for me...I think I'll bring dad along next time to make him laugh.

Being a mother to girls and a boy at one time I've been able to really see the differences in raising both....neither better than the other just different. Someone once said to me you LOVE your daughters...they will be your best friend though out life...but Oh your Son...he's the one you Fall IN Love with. I think there is some truth in that...because I am head over heels in love with this little boy....he has a way of melting me with just one look. If you would have asked me before I became pregnant if I wanted a girl or boy I would have told you without hesitation a Girl....that was what I grew up around, was most comfortable with and I longed for a daughter so I could build the type of relationship with her that I have with my mom. I just feel so blessed that I have two daughters to build that relationship with and equally as blessed that I have a son because the joy he has brought to my life is over whelming!!! I've said before...there is just something about Sam!!! :)


Melissa Mullinax said...

Yes......little boys are just wonderfully's a special thing to have a son.

I STILL cannot figure out who he looks like. Is it your dad?? I keep thinking that's it. Cute shots.


S~ said...

ok.. so I can't wait to see the "it" shot.. These look like "it" to me..They're great!! he's precious!