Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Looking back...

Looking back at a year ago….June 12, 2005 started out as a “normal” lazy Sunday. My mom and dad came over after church and made Jared and I buttermilk pancakes…..something I craved on a normal basis during my pregnancy!! After they left Jared decided to get cleaned up for the day…including shaving…when I asked why he was shaving he said “just in case today is baby day” I laughed and decided maybe I would get cleaned up as well…even put on a little make-up…”just in case” I was feeling great and still had no idea that today was the day so we decided to pick up some food around 2….Taco Via is what I was craving…we got it to go and enjoyed every bite of our meals. Around 4 I started to feel “different” I couldn’t explain the feeling but it kept getting stronger…..I mentioned to Jared that I thought I was having contractions…but I wasn’t sure…we decided to call Dr. Cederlind…..he thought it was worth checking out so we packed our bags “just in case”…and after a dinner of Spaghetti…we were off to the hospital. I figured that what I was feeling was nothing…but “just in case” we brought along both my camera and our video camera.
It took only a short time for the hospital to see that yes, I was having contractions and I was dilated to 3…they were off to call Dr. C. I assumed that they would stop the labor as we were hoping to reach atleast 34 weeks if not longer. So Jared and I were both SHOCKED when the nurse returned a little after 8pm and announced that tonight was BABY NIGHT!!! The next hour and half was a whirl wind. Jared calling all the Grandparents, me calling the photographer we were planning on photographing the birth. My parents arrived shortly before delivery and Holly our photographer arrived just in time. At 9:34, 9:35, and 9:36pm…we welcomed Grace Cathryn, Isabelle Mae and Samuel George into the world…..each immediately showing us that they were very strong with the wonderful cries that we were greeted with!!! Truly a night I will never forget!!!

…fast forward 1 year…June 12, 2006.
To help celebrate the babies birthday Nana took the day off to play with us. We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead where each of the babies was able to pet their first goat and sheep. After naps…Uncle Brian, Cousin Dillon and Jake came over and we all headed to the pool…it was a little cold for the pool but we had a great time anyway!!! Then we headed home to play with all our new toys…and of course have MORE Birthday cake. It was a perfect day in celebration of a perfect year!!! ….and this is only the beginning the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

365 days seems like such a LONG time…but the last 365 have flown by. It has been the craziest yet most rewarding years of our lives. Jared and I have made it thru a never ending sea of diapers, bottles, sleepless nights, utter exhaustion….and our reward getting to be mommy and daddy to three of the most incredible little ones..we could not have asked for more!!! I’ve hoped at several times during the last year to stop time so I could enjoy just a little longer the stage the babies were going through at that moment….but with each progression the babies have become more and more fun. Just in time for their Birthday’s Grace and Isabelle are BOTH WALKING!!!! It’s so cute to see how excited they become as they accomplish each step. Samuel doesn’t have any interest in walking just yet but I don’t think it will take long after watching his sisters!!! Their personalities and the spirit they bring to our home is amazing…they are truly our blessings…our miracles!!!

....we are soooo BIG!!!

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