Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lazy Weekend.....

...isin't that the best kind?!?! :) Well most of our weekend was lazy. Jared and I took the kids swimming again on Saturday...they absolutely LOVE the water. Grace was so much more brave with daddy around...she kept putting her face in the water!! Then after good naps we took Grace & Isabelle over to Aunt Kelly's for a sleep over with Blake & Julia!! Aunt Kelly was brave and wanted both girls even though Uncle Ryan was out of town!! I was so proud of the girls it sounds like they did great and had lots and lots of fun playing with their cousins!!! With the girls gone Jared and I took the opportunity to have a nice dinner out with just ONE kiddo...what a difference that is!! We spoiled Samuel as much as we could....and I think he enjoyed not having to share his mommy & daddy!! Though Jared decided on Sunday that it's fun with just one baby but it is a little boring...ha ha. We are just used to moving a mile a minute that when we get to just sit an enjoy one baby it feels strange!!
Then Monday was a work day at our house....cleaning and organizing baby clothes...what seems like a never ending job!! But I am soooo pleased with our progress...I have all our little baby clothes ready for our new little bean!! I have a couple pictues of Smauel brushing his teeth to share!! Have a great week!!

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